Abbeygate Shopping Centre

Address & location: 242 High St, Arbroath, DD11 1HY
City: Arbroath
Region: Angus
Country: Scotland
Phone number: Not Available
E-mail contact: Not Available
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Are you going to shop in Arbroath (Angus, Scotland)? Try to visit Abbeygate Shopping Centre with more than 19 stores, services and restaurants. Abbeygate Shopping Centre is located on address: 242 High St, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, DD11 1HY - GPS: 56.5606124, -2.5836643. Look at the map with driving directions.
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Location of Abbeygate Shopping Centre: 242 High St, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1HY, Scotland

GPS Coordinates: 56.5606124, -2.5836643

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Reviews (10)

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    Music FanAug 19, 2022

    I parked there while attending a concert. It was after 7pm when I parked. I assumed charges would be free as in all Angus Council car parks especially after 6pm. I used it once before after 7pm and didnt receive a fine, so assumed there was no problem. I received a £100 fine. Not happy. Its very difficult to find parking for the Webster Theatre which is a popular venue. Will certainly think twice before attending again.

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    MandiJul 25, 2022

    Absolutely disgusted to get a parking ticket from the carpark I parked in the Abbie gate for 50 minutes thinking you get 2 hours free parking but received a £100 fine as you can't park here after 8pm. I had to Google this as I didn't know this to be the case. Signs are unclear in my opinion. I was eating at the Copper Oven so was using the local facilities. I certainty will not come to Arbroath again, its a shame as the pizza was good. Disgruntled individual.

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    Deborah Hancox Jan 17, 2021

    Have shopped here for years but have done my last shop in Abbeygate as a result of getting a ridiculous £100 parking fine, reduced to £60 for staying 14 minutes over during COVID times. When you have to queue to get in shops, everything takes twice as long, money is tight and everything is just hard in general. Bye bye abbeygate.

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    Jim DundeeOct 14, 2020

    Always liked to shop there in the past however on returning home I received a parking ticked? The whole town is free parking due to Dovie 19 and I was not aware that there was new parking restrictions. If I knew that I would have chosen one of the many free parking in the town. Result, will not shop or be very weary of visiting in the future. Money making scheme that will cost the architects of this money losing scheme a pr disaster for an already declining town.

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    Pete BoydSep 4, 2020

    Wife took her disabled mum shopping here, she obviously doesn’t go fast, and we got stung with £100 fine cause they didn’t manage to get a full weekly shop done in the two hour limit. None of my family will be shopping here again under any circumstances!

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    Fenton'sDec 29, 2019

    Disgusted my mother and father went to Specsavers a double appointment which took them over two hours.They have been landed with a hefty fine. My dad is 82 and mum 79 not able to walk far and have a blue badge. How shocking is that and certainly not encouraging people to go back !

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    Jill emmerson Dec 16, 2019

    Awful just awful, floor is slippy and dangerous, vacant shops and not much choice. Very poor Christmas shopping appeal this year and car parking rules are a joke. Very few seats and no toilets. Little wonder the population shops in Dundee. Now blocked off access to other streets so would rather avoid. Poor show.

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    Pat Beal Dec 16, 2019

    Abbey gate blockage to side entrance. Causing people walk all way round or forcing them threw shopping center is a disgrace . It's already caused harm to elderly. Also people who live in center needing to use chemist or shop have walk all way round. It's causing people shop else where because stupid greedy merchants who think blocking paths will lead people in to shops it want it will now put people off . That access has always been there and show be returned back to access

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    Robert ShawDec 16, 2019

    This was once a busy centre with plenty of shops. Since introducing parking tickets and now blocking off the public right of way locals will now look to boycot the Centre until the path is reopened!

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    jfNov 2, 2019

    a parking charge at 9pm,(2hrs 20mins) £60, always shop in center , but not anymore any place that can treat customers with such contempt doesn't deserve my business and i will make sure as many people as possible know about the greedy parking charges even the council doesn't charge after 6pm

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